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04/14/2017 ?? WHERE IS BILDAD BRADLEY ?? - April 2017

The first religious meeting in Auburn Township was in 1817 held by John Bosworth.  In 1839 the Free Will Baptists organized, and in 1840 they erected the Free Will Baptist Church at what was then known as Auburn Corners.

The Free Will Baptists shared the church with the Methodist Episcopal Church congregation by having Baptist services in the morning and Methodist services in the afternoon.  (The Methodist Episcopal congregation built a church of their own in 1842 in the center , on the location of what is now known as the Town Hall.)

In 1845 protestors marched outside the Free Will Baptist Church against the refusal of the use of the church  for a lecture to be given by Samuel F. B. Morse, inventor of the electric telegraph.  Morse was to lecture and enlighten the people about the use of the electric telegraph.  The church members and preacher thought it would be sacrilegious to use the church for this purpose.

In time, the Free Will Baptist congregation dwindled and the building was given to the Civic Club in 1947 with the provision that a certain number of meetings were to be held every year or the building would become the property of the township trustees.

The Civic Club was subsequently dissolved and the building is now owned by the township and open for viewing once a year after the Memorial Day Services.


Bildad Bradley is the first settler of Auburn Township.  He built his log cabin on Messenger Road.

Bildad, or a cardboard representation of, can be found at the only building in Auburn Township that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

To celebrate Auburn's 200th birthday, Bildad Bradley (or a cardboard representation of) will be visiting various historical sites throughout the township.  If you spot Bildad, email admin@auburntownship.com, call 440-543-7028, or stop in at the Administration building and be entered into a monthly drawing to win a Bicentennial Commemorative plate.  Clues will be posted monthly on the township website, www.auburntownship.com, and in various newspapers.