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Auburn Township maintains 54 miles of roads. In addition to snow plowing, you will see the Road Department doing culvert work, ditching , asphalt patching and roadside mowing.

The Township equipment list includes five plowing trucks, two tractor/mowers - one mows roadsides and the other helps maintain township grounds, a backhoe, an asphalt roller, a rubber tire excavator and a road grader  in addition to various support equipment.   Auburn does a great deal of its own maintenance thanks to a dedicated and efficient road department crew.

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Culvert Replacement on Indian Hills Drive Concrete road joint repairs on Lucky Bell Lane Entrance to the Service Garage at 17666 Auburn Road

Road Department Crew:

Emerick P. Gordon, Township Highway Superintendent

Mark Sturm, Michael Ludwig, John Szoka, and Michael Fenstermaker

(440) 543-7028 phone
(440) 543-9520  fax 
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April 2018 Road Report as presented at the 5/7/2017 Board of Trustees Meeting

       The Township relies on the resident's eyes to help maintain our road infrastructure.


      If a problem exists or develops, please do not hesitate to contact the Road Department or Service Garage, temporarily located at 17808 Ravenna Road. 


     The crew is usually out of the office working during the day.  They will return your call if you leave a message.  If it is imperative you speak to someone immediately, please call the administration office at (440) 543-7028


     We address concerns in the order as received and prioritize depending on the severity of the issue and/or if it is compromising the integrity of our infrastructure.


 Roadside Ditch Permit  

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