Fiscal Department:

The Township’s Fiscal Officer and Deputy Fiscal Officer is responsible to keep an accurate record of the Board of Trustees’ meetings, accounts and transactions. He prepares and publishes the annual Township Financial Report and maintains his accounting records in accordance with requirements prescribed by the Auditor of the State.

They are also the townships’ Record Retention Officer and are responsible for all record requests.  You may request a copy of a document by emailing or completing the form below and submitting it to:

Fiscal Office Highlights:

Duties of The Township Fiscal Officer
Annual Report
2019 Tax Budget
Ohio Checkbook
(The Ohio Checkbook is a new website launched by the Treasure of Ohio, Josh Mandel, where residents may view the expenses of their community.)
Public Records Policy
Record Request Form

Daniel J. Matsko,
Deputy Fiscal Officer

(not pictured)

Fred May, Fiscal Officer

The Fiscal Office is located in the
Auburn Administration Building,
11010 Washington Street
Auburn Township, OH 44023

440-543-7028 office
440-543-9520 fax

Mr. May and Mr. Matsko do not have scheduled office hours, but would be happy to meet with you by appointment.

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