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Auburn Township maintains 54 miles of roads. In addition to snow plowing, you will see the Road Department doing culvert work, ditching , asphalt patching and roadside mowing.

The Township equipment list includes five plowing trucks, two tractor/mowers – one mows roadsides and the other helps maintain township grounds, a backhoe, an asphalt roller, a rubber tire excavator and a road grader  in addition to various support equipment.   Auburn does a great deal of its own maintenance thanks to a dedicated and efficient road department crew.

Yearly Road Salt Usage
Average Monthly Road Salt Usage

2023-2025 ROAD PLAN

Auburn Township utilizes a ROAD DATABASE to formulate a 3-year Road Plan with consultation provided by the Geauga County Engineer’s Office.

The Road Database is referenced by road surfaces. It contains the road history starting from the date of installation and/or reconstruction and is updated with every maintenance process. This data base is utilized to rate asphalt road surfaces which help determine the resurfacing schedule. The database is purposely written in a comprehensible manner.

Asphalt Roads  |  Chip Seal Roads  |  Concrete Roads  |   Crack Seal History

The roadways in Auburn Township are maintained by 4 separate entities:

TOWNSHIP ROADS are maintained by the township. If you have a concern and live on a township road please contact the Road Department at (440) 543-8366.

COUNTY ROADS are maintained by the Geauga County Engineer. Concerns regarding plowing, dead deer pick-up or road repairs should be directed to the county office at (440) 279-1800.

STATE ROADS are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Concerns regarding plowing, dead deer pick-up, or road repairs should be directed to ODOT at (440) 834-4441.

PRIVATE ROADS are maintained by homeowners themselves.

Township Roads  |  County Roads  |   State Roads  |   Private Roads  |  Township Road Map

What is the road right-of-way?

An easement exists, generally from the centerline of the road or street, 30′ in either direction. This is the road right-of-way. The Township maintains the infrastructure within this easement which includes the road surface, ditching, culvert pipes and/or drainage structures.

What is the purpose of ditches?

Ditches are for the evacuation of water from road surface and the drainage of the road bed to ensure the base of the road remains in tact and does not become saturated which will in turn cause road failure. Therefore, residents are encouraged to keep the ditch area cleared of large stones, fences, trees, and other obstructions. Obstructions in this road right-of-way may need to be removed for road maintenance or safety issues. It is important the ditches remain unobstructed.

We address concerns in the order as received and prioritize depending on the severity of the issue and/or if it is compromising the integrity of our infrastructure.

Useful Ditch Drainage Information

Road Department Crew:

Emerick P. Gordon, Township Highway Superintendent

Mark Sturm, Michael Ludwig, John Szoka, Michael Fenstermaker and James Vannoy

Mr. Gordon joined the Road Department in 1997. He moved to Auburn in 1992.  A graduate of Bedford High School, he then attended Cuyahoga Community College.  He worked in machine trades as a CNC programmer for 20 years.  Mr. Gordon’s hobbies include boating and music.

Mark moved to Auburn in 1984, graduated from Kenston in 1985 and has resided in the area ever since. Mark had been self-employed for the last 15 years but is happy to be a part of the Auburn Township Road Team now. In his spare time he enjoys working around the house, fishing, hunting and going to auctions.

Michael has lived in Geauga County all of his life. He graduated from Chardon High School and has a background in equipment operation and landscaping. He enjoys camping and just keeping busy. He and his wife are members of the Middlefield United Methodist Church.

John Szoka was born and raised in Auburn Township. When he and his wife, Dorothy, married in 1977 they built their first and “forever” home in Auburn where they raised their three children, Abraham, Ruth and Jacob. Dorothy owns and operates New Century Hair Design on State Route 44 in Auburn Township.
John brings to Auburn Township his years of excavating and heavy equipment experience acquired from working at his father’s company, Szoka Excavating, since the age of 13. He took over the business when his father passed away in 2000. John retired the company in 2009 and came to work for Auburn Township full-time.

Mike Fenstermaker grew up in Newbury and graduated from Newbury High School in 1986. He graduated from Lakeland Community College and Kent State University with business degrees. He and his wife, Heather live in Newbury and have two children, Mike Jr. and Liesel who both attend The Ohio State University.

James Vannoy is a lifelong Auburn resident. He attended Kenston High School and later went on to Ohio Technical College. James has a background in landscape management and machinery. Those skills help him with his new job with the Township. When James isn’t working, he’s spending time with his kids, Owen and Lilly, hunting, fishing or cooking.


Phone: (440) 543-7028 
Fax: (440) 543-9520
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The Township relies on the resident’s eyes to help maintain our road infrastructure.

If a problem exists or develops, please do not hesitate to contact the Road Department or Service Garage, temporarily located at 17808 Ravenna Road. 

The crew is usually out of the office working during the day.  They will return your call if you leave a message.  If it is imperative you speak to someone immediately, please call the administration office at (440) 543-7028

We address concerns in the order as received and prioritize depending on the severity of the issue and/or if it is compromising the integrity of our infrastructure.

Roadside Ditch Permits are issued through the Geauga County Engineer’s office.

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