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Businesses moving into Auburn Township need to apply for a use permit. It is in the permitting process that is determined that the proposed use is permitted at a given location and the business is registered with the township.

New signs require a sign permit.  If an old sign is moved to a new location on a property, a permit is required.  No permit is required to simply change the text of an old sign as long as the size and location do not change. Download Zoning Permit Application (PDF)

Garage sales in Auburn Township do not require a yard sale permit.  However, signs are not to be posted on utility poles or in the road right-of-way.  Within twenty-four hours of the conclusion of the sale, all signs must be removed from display.

The Assistant Zoning Inspector, Jane Hardy, is available Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3:30pm at the Auburn Administration Building, 11010 Washington Street or by calling 440-543-1660.  Call the zoning office if you would like to schedule an appointment with Frank Kitko, Zoning Inspector.  Visit Zoning Deparment

Some businesses are permitted in residential homes.  A home business requires a home occupation permit and a conditional use.

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Every resident concern is addressed in the order as received and prioritized depending on the severity of the issue and/or if it is compromising the integrity of our infrastructure. Download Roadside Ditch Policy/Permit